New generation Aerosol packaging

Aerosol Recipes


aero-serv-02The most important task in the development of new products is the degree to which the finished product can really meet expectations when it is brought to the market.

New recipes, ingredients, technologies combined with innovative packaging will allow to develop and create a convincing format of a developing commodity position, and confidently take a place in the Russian and international market.

Our company produces products that are an integral part of the production processes of plastic molding, car building, construction, nuclear power, they are also used in a wide range of ndustrial processes.

Leading specialists carry out research, implementation and control of output in the field of: Auto Cosmetics, auto lubricants, products for office and household appliances, plant care, healthy living pharmaceuticals, professional and domestic chemistry, unique chemical products, etc

In parallel, we are working on a number of Research and advanced Development for the implementation of a wide range of scientific research. Ecology is one of the priority areas of our company.

Polymer cans are the most environmentally friendly aerosol packaging by: A significant decrease in energy consumption in the production of a product unit, convenient logistics, non-waste production, also it is no need to use protective anticorrosive coating; easy economic processing, and in some cases, secondary refueling of cans.

We can implement a project to create compositions so that you get interesting and unique products, which are created using high-quality components and will be specially selected according to the technical assignment. Adaptation of existing recipes for: specific characteristics, lower costs, and compliance with marketing requirements.