New generation Aerosol packaging

Aerosol spray cans


The ARP company produces aerosol plastics cans instead of metallic analogues. The high pressure aerosol plastic can are tested according to the FEA 647 European protocol, protected by a number of Russian and international patents (including in China and EU countries).


The advantages of a unique aerosol polymer packaging technology:

It is manufactured from Russian raw materials by its own technology, in contrast to the metallic ones imported or collected in Russia from European and Japanese components. The plastic can is adapted for standard automatic and semi-automatic packaging equipment. Plastic reservoirs is cheaper and lighter than similar ones from metal. The price does not depend on the exchange rate and customs duties.

The new packaging attracts attention in the shopping areas and creates a recognizable product.

The possibility of packaging compounds that destroy metal cans: acidic, aqueous oxygen-containing compounds, iodine, salts, etc. Unique packaging excludes the possibility of counterfeiting of the product both on the Russian and international markets. Polymer reservoirs are suitable for the production of food and medical products.

Waste-free technology saves resources and reduces energy consumption, which significantly improves the environmental characteristics of the final product. Easy processing into secondary raw materials. Able to produce a wide range of aerosols from 50 to 2000 ml. It is equipped with a standard valve and a sprayer. Valve and can conjugation unit withstands an internal pressure of up to 25 bar. Plastic reservoir construction allows you to work with different gases: sobutane, oxygen mixtures, carbon dioxide, etc. Tested at a temperature of 45-50 ° C.

We offer a full cycle of manufacturing aerosol products:

From consultation, creation or adjustment of the recipe, to the production of the final product. Our aerosol polymer cans are suitable for almost all kinds of liquids. We offer both serial cylinders 150/405/680/1200 cm ? and the manufacture of any types, sizes, diameters, formations, and colours from 50 to 1500 cm?, customized.